While visits to the local automated or self-serve car wash can help with a quick spot rinse, they do little to protect your vehicle in the long run. That's why Ziebart, the leader in exterior automotive detailing, focuses not only on removing unwanted dirt, grime and contaminants from your vehicle, but also on restoring and locking in its beautiful shine. With Protect-A-Shine®, your vehicle will come away looking, and feeling, its very best.

Auto Detailing At Its Best

Ziebart's Protect-A-Shine® service begins with a hand wash designed to remove all dirt, road tar, grime and residue on your vehicle. All chrome, trim, wheels, tires and glass are cleaned, detailed and restored to a beautiful luster.

Paint Protection Coating

Once your vehicle is shining bright, the next step is locking in and protecting its brand new appearance with a long lasting protective paint coating. This protective coating also acts as a buffer between your paint and harmful ultra-violet rays that can impact the appearance of your vehicle.

Take Paint Protection To The Next Level

If you're looking for an additional layer of protection for your vehicle's appearance, Ziebart Diamond Gloss® provides the highest level of defense between your vehicle's paint and harmful elements. Backed by our nationwide warranty, Diamond Gloss® locks in that perfect look and eliminates the need for wax.

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